Your Private home theater

Immerse yourself into a luxurious atmosphere with bespoke private home theaters. A universe of ultimate sensations where Picture, Sound and Design merge to attain absolute perfection.


After carrying out an in-depth architectural and acoustic study of the dedicated room, DIVA is able to design a unique and bespoke space that truly recreates and goes beyond the audiovisual sensations of the best commercial cinemas.

From creation to installation: Diva masters your entire project from start to finish guaranteeing an exceptional result.

  • Acoustics
  • Picture
  • Sound
  • Lightning
  • Furniture
  • Centralized control & Multiroom

If you don’t dispose of a dedicated room, DIVA also provides whole and customizable audiovisual solutions that will perfectly suit into your living space.


DIVA associates in exclusivity to its creations the latest SHOWMAX technology for ultra-high definition in sound and picture. A mind-blowing experience, an incomparable energy and currently the most performing solution for your private home theater: step into the 4D !

As a DIVA client and member of its prestigious Club gathering Cinema lovers, receive and enjoy Master non compressed audio files directly coming from the production Studios. Then you will feel all the emotions and sensations originally created by the actors, the director and all its staff. Pure Cinema.

Unprecedented performance, outstanding power, ultimate precision. A fascinating challenge: providing the best of audiovisual technology and innovation. Sensations have never been so strong.


Large screens, finest resolution, ultra high definition, infinite colors, 2D and 3D. Total visual immersion. Outstanding detail and exceptional picture quality plunge you into the most beautiful Cinema scenes.

DIVA matches to the best of picture a very high quality sound without any compromise. DIVA selects the finest manufacturers to reproduce the crystalline purity of each sound. The power and energy of your audio system will allow yourself to thrill to movie sound effects and to relive the vitality of a concert.

A high end prestigious audiovisual system: authentic emotion.


DIVA private home theaters are not standard and every installation is an artistic creation: a unique space for a unique client.

DIVA reveals the extraordinary power of interior design: exceptional spaces where lines and forms combine in harmony. With bespoke and customized solutions, DIVA gives each project a special touch according to your tastes and the ambient of your apartment, villa or yacht. DIVA also provides its best projects to luxury hotels which are keen to offer the ultimate cinema experience.


Luxury guides each of our projects: we use only the noblest materials enhanced by the skills of our master craftsmen. Rare woods, precious metals, leather and exotic hides, crystal and jewelry … by combination of those elements in an artistic creation, your screening room will be timeless and absolutely unique.

Know-how and meticulousness are given to each creation to guarantee a perfect finish.


DIVA’s private home theaters are perfectly suited for the discovery or rediscovery of cinema’s best moments in exceptional conditions, by combining innovative products and materials.

Watch all your TV channels for sport events or live concerts for example. Play the latest video games platforms into your media room: a lot of fun and pleasure for all the family and friends. Your home theater will also be a peaceful place thanks to its good acoustic treatment and the smooth lightning ambient.


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