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Two entrepreneurs, who are equally proactive and passionate about their fields, met more than 15 years ago through a supplier/customer partnership.
Drawing on their complementary expertise and experience, they strive to develop and offer to a private demanding clientele the quality of the professional audiovisual world, via exceptional products incorporated into innovative designs, which are tailor-made for their clients.
Both of them benefit from more than 20 years of experience in their specific field:

  • Artistic and creativity for one
  • Engineering and innovation for the other

The collaboration of two experts in their fields has resulted in a partnership that combines the best of the audiovisual and design worlds and led to shared international project: DIVA.


Pascal Claeren is a designer who is passionate about shapes, design and creation. He attended “Ecole Boulle”, where he learned to shape his ideas. After simultaneously being a performer, sculptor and painter, he founded his own company in the 90s and designed retail spaces (shops, exhibition stands etc.) for major brands such as Lacoste, Fauchon, Petrossian, Hediard, Valrhona, Rougié, Doremi etc.
He dedicates now all his talent to your project for a bespoke private home theater.

Patrick Zucchetta, an engineering graduate from a French School Supelec, has extensive experience in the field of audiovisual technology. He specializes in digital technologies for sound and picture, and leads several high-tech companies such as Doremi Technologies, the European leader of digital servers equipment for commercial movie theaters (17,000 theaters equipped). He supplies several prestigious screening rooms as Royal Monceau private home theater in Paris, the double cinema room of Kremlin in Moscow for the President and Prime Minister and the Cinema of Dubaï Mall. In 2013 for the 66th Cannes Film Festival all digital rooms were equipped with Doremi’s 2K and 4K servers.


DIVA comes from the Latin word for ‘divine’, simple and international read, related prestigious values:

  • Musicality
  • Class and feminity
  • Excellence
  • Exclusivity


As an international centre of luxury, excellence and sophistication, Monaco is undoubtedly the perfect location for the company with its international reach.

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