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    A universe of ultimate sensations where Picture, Sound and Design merge to attain absolute perfection. From creation to installation: Diva masters your entire private home theater project from start to finish guaranteeing an exceptional result.
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    DIVA private home theaters are not standard and every installation is an artistic creation: a unique movie theater for a unique client. With bespoke and customized solutions, DIVA gives each project a special touch according to your tastes and the room’s environment.
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    Luxury guides each of our projects: we use only the noblest materials enhanced by the skills of our master craftsmen. Those precious materials are perfectly integrated in our private home theaters.
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    Imagine the best worldwide private cinema onboard of your superyacht. The summum of luxury and exclusivity with DIVA solution adapted to yachting industry. The very best movie theater to get the real Cinema experience wherever you are on a yacht.
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    Phantom, implosive sound center offers performances of sound systems 20 times in size. Experience Phantom, the physical impact of sound in solo, duo, Home Cinema or as a Multiroom set up.   3000 watts / 105db - Starts at 1690€